Wellness Check

I certainly hope that everyone is doing ok and staying healthy and home!  
We have a very large membership and many folks we seldom hear from. And Kathy Roberts would like to organize a group of willing volunteers check in on our members.  
Please let her know if you are willing to call about 10 members to make sure everyone is ok and not in need of help or supplies (see contact information below). We need to take care of our family!
If you’re willing to make some calls, please let Kathy know and she will divide the membership directory up so there’s no duplication. If someone else would like to spearhead this she will happily turn it over to you and provide calling support. 

Stay home and if you must go out please wear a mask over your nose and mouth and follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing.  I know it sounds somewhat trite, but this comes from the heart.  “We are all in this together!”

Call or text 937-750-9000 (Please leave name if you are texting) OR email — katmoose@prodigy.net