Club Awards

Denise Davidson Memorial Trophy

This trophy is presented to the handler/dog team who had the highest AKC score in Novice A. The trophy is kept at the training building

Scottie Meyer Award

This award is given annually to the person who has best promoted the club and dog sportsmanship during the year. The winner is announced at the Membership banquet.    Past winners have been:

**    Members that are deceased

1977 George McLaughlin 1992 “Brownie” Brown** 2006 Mike Kacik & Pam Green
1978 Scottie Meyer** 1993 Melissa Matteson 2007 Joann Jozwiak
1979 Gene Bashor 1994 Sherry Bryant 2008 Elaine Stoermer
1980 Pat Hammond 1995 Donna Rogers 2009 Maggie Melton & Jennier Rheinhardt
1981 Carl Holzhauer 1996 Kathy Combs 2010 Ernie & Lorie Genaw
1982 Donna Cron 1997 Phil Dane 2011 Kathy & Rick Roberts
1984 Sally Jo Peterson 1998 Nancy Beeman 2012 Cheri Davis
1985 Treva Alexander 1999 George Young** 2013 Deb Arnold & Mary Kemphues
1986 Kathy Cunagin 2000 Marra Wollpert 2014 Jennifer Looper
1987 Sue McClellan 2001 Aldine Acheson** 2015 Ronalee Mc Knight
1988 Doug Scott 2002 Betty Frank 2016 Deb Wertz
1989 Tami Woodrow 2003 Tom & Carole Lenehan 2017 Pam Murn
1990 Wayne Cunagin 2004 Roberta Rupert
1991 Dan Delehanty 2005 Morene Stickrod

Starline Nunley Memorial Award

This award is an intermittent award honoring a Member who does something break-through to improve the world as it relates to dogs or the dog/ human relationship within our community. This person will have been instrumental in the development of an ongoing canine welfare or canine/handler focused initiative in the community outside the Gem City Dog Obedience Club. This award may not be awarded every year. In the event there is more than one candidate and the Board feels more than one is qualified, then more than one individual can be honored, Nominations for this award are accepted in writing.