Gem City Dog Obedience Club conducts Conformation/ Show Dog Handling Classes. The instructors for these classes are experienced handlers who have bred, trained and shown dogs in the breed ring for decades. The Conformation classes sequence consists of a Beginners Class for seven weeks followed by seven weeks of Advanced Classes. Students must complete Beginners Class or have previous breed ring experience to register for the Advanced Classes.

Here are the highlights of the classes:

These are structured classes with the emphasis on the handler. One does not have to participate with a show quality dog. The student may take the classes with a “pet” quality dog to learn the techniques.

In the Beginners Class the students will learn how to stack, gait, and free bait the dogs. There is also instruction on the AKC point system, show attire, ring procedures, canine anatomy, and general dog show knowledge. Students are required to do a brief oral presentation on their breed and its standard. The Beginners Class is offered in March and August.

The Advanced class deals with advanced ring patterns, canine structure and how it affects movement, tack box essentials, and how to win in the ring when competing against Professional handlers. The Advanced Class is offered in May and October.

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Registrar:  Trish Clute