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Most questions can be answered by reading the Class Registration Page

Or by carefully reading the Intro Obedience Class Descriptions

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ALL classes meet once per week for 1 hour. No substitutions, no exceptions.


7 WEEK AGILITY CLASS -  Non-Member $90

Gem City Dog Obedience Club 2023 Class Schedule
Session 1 Jan 5 thru Feb 22
Session 2 March 13 thru April 27
Session 3 May 15 thru July 3
Session 4 July 24 thru Sept 11
Session 5 Sept 28 thru Nov 16

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Contact the Registrar

The Registrar can answer:

  • Class times
  • Class payments
  • If your dog is ready for our classes (Age of dog,  type of dog)
  • Which class you should join (Previous experiences and testing out of lower level classes)

Contact - Behavior Issues

The behavior contact can answer:

  • Questions on if we can help with your situation
  • Questions regarding if your dog is ready for our classes


Contact - Conformation

The conformation contact can answer:

  • Question about joining our conformation classes
  • Questions about upcoming conformation trials
  • Questions about when/where our conformation run-thrus happen

Contact - Agility

Agility contact can answer:

  • Questions about which agility class to join
  • Questions about if your dog is ready to try agility
  • Questions about agility trials at our facilities

Contact - Lure Coursing

Lure Coursing contact can answer:

  • Questions about if your dog is ready to try Lure Coursing, CAT, or Fast CAT
  • Please contact the trial chair/secretary directly for Trial information.

Contact - Rentals

Rental contact can answer:

  • Questions about availability of our building or land.
  • Questions about contracts,  rules, and other information about rentals.

Contact - Website Admin

The Website Admin can help with:

  • Questions about the website
  • Problems with membership login
  • Corrections to the calendar
  • Suggestions for additions to the website