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Gem City Dog Obedience Club 2022 Class Schedule
Session 1 Jan 3 thru Feb 17
Session 2 March 7 thru April 21
Session 3 May 9 thru June 27
Session 4 Aug 1 thru Sept 19
Session 5 Oct 3 thru Nov 17

Suspected/Verified Covid-19 Infection Situations

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Since 1967

Gem City Dog Obedience Club is volunteer club located in Dayton Ohio. Our goals are to help train people to train their dogs, promote responsible dog ownership, and make better canine citizens

At Gem City Dog Obedience Club we focus on training techniques to help you communicate with your dog in a more positive and effective way. We offer Puppy, Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Novice, Open and Utility Obedience Classes. We have Rally and World CynoSport Rally classes, Tricks classes, and Freestyle classes.

You and your dog can start from scratch on our indoor turf room to learn Foundations for Agility. We can help you all the way through masters level with our expert instructors!

Join our Grand Champion title earning instructors for our Conformation classes!

We also have several outdoor events at our separate large land property. Outdoor Coursing Ability Testing, Earth dog in real tunnels in the ground, and you can watch dogs fly across the grass while practicing Agility!