Membership Meeting & Updates

Dear Membership –

The Membership meeting for this quarter was originally planned for tomorrow evening, Monday, April 27th. However, with the upcoming changes to “large group” meetings coming out, we feel it is best to delay this meeting.

Key Points for you to know:

  • The next membership meeting will be Virtual, with a phone call in number for those who don’t like technology, and a video conference who want to see my cute dog in my lap. It will probably be early May.
  • The board will need some time to review the new restrictions and put a plan in place.
  • The club IS currently in a “vacation” state, as per the usual winter break or summer break. If you are a key holder, you may go in, however, the building is very much use at your own risk. There are no promises of paper supplies, soap, courses set, and the cleaning crew has been wisely not cleaning the building.
  • Expect a notification when the building will be CLOSED coming soon so that proper cleaning can be done.
  • If we should happen to get a week of sunny days (spring in Ohio?!?!?) the roofers have made plans to come replace our roof.
  • All trials that have been canceled have been listed on the club website calendar. Some of the secretaries have also been posting them on the “Friends of” gem city Facebook group, however, as always, this is a public group and restricted to our members, and not everyone has Facebook. Please double check via our official website when in doubt.

With the massive effort of every business to reassure that they are doing everything in their power to be safe, I chose not to add to the email chaos by emailing over and over every time a trial canceled. As president and webmaster, I was completely swamped for the first whole month with negative and disappointing news. I simply did not want to add to that chaos with more bad news, which, unfortunately, was all I had to report. I am very much looking forward to us being able to come out of this, and I am interested to see how the new landscape looks. I cannot hope to expect that all of our instructors will be willing to risk their lives to teach classes in a semi-crowded building, so brace yourselves for limited class offerings for a time.

I pray that you are all well. I have heard wonderful stories of dog friends checking on dog friends, I have seen wondrous and amazing videos posted with dogs learning new tricks. I want to continue to encourage all of this!

I am always happy to personally review applications for Trick Dog Titles from the AKC. Please just review their guidelines and let me know where to find your video.

Sit, Stay, Play SAFE!
Chris Kiefer (and the Gem City Dog Obedience Club Board)