6-26-19 Membership Minutes

Agility Run Thru

Agility run thru, the first in a long time, Friday August 16th.  Registration begins at 6:30pm and first run is at 7:00pm.  Cost is $5 for 2 runs.
Each dog will have 2 minutes to run the course.  Walking the course is only available before 7pm and all attendees are encouraged to help.

Non-members will need to sign a visitor’s waiver form.

Crating space is available indoors (bring your own crate). Each person is responsible for following the facility rules, keeping their dog(s) under control and being ready to go in the ring for their turn.

6-26-19 Membership Minutes

Do you have the key?!?!?

On Friday the lock box to the front building at the land was open and the key missing.

Could you please check your pockets and return our key? We often use that building for our larger busy trials when we need more tables. Our friendly volunteers who are willing to haul tables need access to that key, too!

Also, a friendly reminder… when you go to the land and use the kiddie pool for your furry friend, remember to empty it out after! We don’t want to provide a mosquito breeding area!

6-26-19 Membership Minutes

Agility Room

The agility equipment has been cleared for the up coming Freestyle Event. If you use it on Wednesday put your equipment away. I will be there Wednesday about 5pm to disinfect the turf. There will be no agility available on Thursday due to the turf being cleaned for the up coming event.
Ron Seiter will set up something for agility on Monday. Please be careful about treats as there is another event the following weekend.
If anyone needs some hours you can meet me tomorrow at 5. There is some cleaning of equipment that can be done or dusting of the walls in the turf room
Text me at 937-367-3948 to let me know if your are coming
Thank you
Sherri Heizer

6-26-19 Membership Minutes

Volunteers needed

We have several trials coming, several building rentals that require our assistance. Please note, while the building is rented, we have agreed to provide volunteer assistance to help run the trial, and you will get volunteer hours for your mandatory 20 hours of service this year.

Volunteer hours for the year end on September 30. You must have all 20 hours in before Sept. 30th in order to remain a member in good standing.

Please click on the volunteer link below to sign up for WCRL Rally, the upcoming Freestyle trial, and the upcoming AKC Obedience/Rally trial that will all be happening before the end of September.

6-26-19 Membership Minutes



Instructors will be on hand and set up weave pole practice
and drills to help you and your dog develop more
confident, consistent and faster weave poles.
Sponsored By: Gem City Dog Obedience Club
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ….July 8, 9 and 10 7:00pm-8:30 pm

(4920 Northcutt Place; Dayton, OH)

Join us for 1 or all 3 nights—Cost is $10/night or $25/for all three

Download the mail-in form for registration here: https://gcdoc.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Weave-Pole-Boot-Camp-sign-up.pdf