Obedience Equipment

It has been brought to my attention that the obedience equipment was treated very poorly this week. Broad jump boards were left in a jumbled pile, high jump boards leaned up against the wall, and coolers were placed on top of the boards on the shelf.

Broad jump boards should be nested together neatly along the wall. High jump boards need to be laid flat on the floor in a neat stack. Don’t put all the boards in the high jump for a wall and leave it that way. Nothing should ever be placed on top of any equipment obedience, agility, or otherwise!

Obedience equipment CAN NOT be replaced!!! The company no longer makes obedience equipment! Please be as respectful of the club equipment as you would your own!

If you have any questions about how to properly take care of any of the equipment, please contact me at akp511@aol.com.

Thank you


Membership Meeting Link

The email you’ve all been waiting for!

Join your fellow members to learn about the Club and upcoming activities as well as meet new members.  
Topic: Gem City Membership Time: Feb 22, 2021 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/96753008279?pwd=cWM2TlpkRmJiVlM4RDdiZ05Zbm41QT09
Meeting ID: 967 5300 8279Passcode: 543219

I do not know how to attach to the minutes as a file for the last meeting. Please take a minute to read them, it will save time during the meeting if I don’t have to read them to everyone. Thanks! I will see you tonight at 7:30!

Gem City Dog Obedience Club

Zoom/Conference Call-Annual Membership Meeting

Nov 6, 2020  pg. #1

Board Members Present:  Chris Kiefer, Diana Stromley, Carol Frank-Poore, Carol Coffey,Leah Schiller, Angela Profitt, Charlotte Wisener, Cathy Wright, Cathy Roberts, Rick Roberts, Tami Woodrow, Pam Murn and Sherri Heizer.

Call to Order:  Chris Kiefer called the meeting to order at __7__:__­­­­­­­­30__p.m.

President: Chris Kiefer – Welcomed members, review of 3rd party voting procedures. Review on how it works. Nothing else to report.

Vice President: Diana Stromley-Nothing to report, everything is turned in and up to date.

Secretary:  Carol Frank-Poore, review of Sept 2020 secretary meeting minutes, motion to accept with a couple of spelling corrections by Cathy Wright, 2nd by Angela Profitt. Carol Frank-Poore, nothing else to add.

Treasurer: Kathy Roberts –Reviewed report, bank balances of $59,613.65. Members just need to let her know if they want to look at the books. We are holding our head above water. Move to accept report as presented, by Sherri Heizer, 2nd by Leah Schiller, motion carried.

Membership: Tami Woodrow – Membership is 192 with only 20 members that have not paid at this time. 50% have paid with PayPal. Tami will update membership profile confirming payment, date of payment and amount paid. Vouchers are ready and down at the club in a box with members name on it. Will mail the ones not picked up. Introduced new member applicant, Jennifer Klingle. Motion to accept Jennifer Klingle as a new member by Angela Profitt, 2nd by Sherri Heizer. Motion carried. Tammi Woodrow made the motion to accept 3 lifetime members: Leah Schiller, Risa Wright and Nancy Beeman 2nd by Charlotte Wisener. Motion carried

Obedience/ Rally /Freestyle: Pam Murn – Still putting together January schedule. No WCRL Rally next session will have AKC Rally for next session instructor Elaine, on Mondays. Will be making changes on classes for next session. Thanked all instructors and all they have done. Forwarded parade information to Chris

Conformation: Cathy Wright – All 3 WCRL trials are approved and assigned event numbers. No conformation classes until possibly March due to space and restrictions for Covid-19. No conformation run throughs at this time.

Thanked all judges and all their hard work.

Agility: Sherri Heizer – Classes going well, She and Maggie are talking about foundation classes to start again the 1st of the yr. Not a lot else is going on for now.

Registrar: Angela Profitt –Not much going on. Classes are filling. Members are being allowed to enroll first before open to public.

Lure Coursing/Earth Dog: Leah Schiller– Brenda Marks is willing to be secretary for spring and fall trials with covid-19 guidelines permitting.

Board Elections: Rick Roberts-Voting is currently at 50%. Will send additional e-mail out tonight as a reminder. Have until 11:30 pm tonight to vote. E-mail will be sent out with results. Only one position was contested.

Charlotte Wisener: Asked about Santa, per Chris Kiefer, Santa has been cancelled due to covid-19 restrictions.

New Business: Children’s parade procedures have been changed due to the covid-19 restrictions with stationary presentations. We have been asked to not participate this year because the children can not pet the dogs. We hopefully will be able to next year.

Motion to adjourn meeting by Pam Murn, 2nd by Cathy Wright at 8:08 PM

Membership Meeting Update

Good evening! There has been a little confusion about the upcoming Membership meeting. It will be online Monday, February 22 at 7:30. (Link to come)

I have been getting a lot of questions about the banquet and awards. We are putting them on hold for now and hoping for a summer meeting where we can all be outdoors and spread apart. You should already have titles turned in to Maggie. 2020 titles only! We were going to do a presentation of Rainbow Bridge and New Furkids but since we decided to go online, we will wait for that too. Please make sure you sent them in to Ronalee. 2020 only!

We have applicant members to be voted on at this meeting too.

Samantha Austin, Jennifer Klingle, Diana Knoth, Marcy Purcey, and Kristina Morgan.

Membership Meeting

Good morning everyone!

After discussion with the board, we have decided that most of the membership would prefer to meet online. I will send out the link once I have it. Meeting will be at 7:30 on February 22. Please contact me directly at akp511@aol.com with any questions.

Angela Profitt

New Kids and Rainbow Bridge Slide Show!

Calling for anyone who would want their New Kids or Rainbow Bridge dogs from 2020 in the yearly presentation.   I have the ones listed below and the deadline has passed, so I must have any additional ones by Tuesday, Feb 16th at the latest! send to:   Ronalee at rcmcknight@woh.rr.com Currently I have the following  for the presentation at the  Feb 22 Membership Meeting:
New Kids:
1.  Billie Jean – Sheryl Sabino
2.  Ruby – Sheryl Sabino
3.  Toffee – Lori Woodruff
4.  Ari – Samantha Austin
5.  Storm – Marci Pittman

Rainbow Bridge
1.  Hailey – Donna Mundey
2.  Oscar – Mary Kemphues
3.  Pete – Stacie Parks
4.  Arrow – Beverly Roderer
5.  Ruby – Bonnie Maki
6.  Gene Bashor – (human)