UKC Conformation Volunteers!

Hey everyone! We need help! There’s only 2 weeks left until this show and we only have 3 volunteers. All hours count towards Gem City required hours for membership. There are no run around jobs. They are great jobs if you can’t get around as well as you used to. I will make sure you get something you can handle. Work half day or full day. You do not need experience. Just think, you could practically get all your hours in on one weekend if you promise to work the whole thing. The judges will tell you exactly what they would like you to do. They are always so patient.

Lunch will be provided. Michelle always makes sure everyone is fed. She does an amazing job! Plus, she makes the best desserts! We will make sure you’re done in time for fireworks and evening celebrations.

Remember, Crossroads Canine Club rents volunteers along with the building. Please sign up to help make this trial a success! Thank you!

Volunteers Needed! – Gem City Dog Obedience Club (

Save the date – Aug 16-18th, 2024 – Volunteer!

SAVE THE DATE:    AUG 16-18, 2024

We need participation or we may have to look to stop doing these events.  Worker time slots are first thing in the morning to run their dogs, otherwise, you will have to go for the times you sign up for.

The GCDOC Fast Cat event at K9 Splash Zone in Brookville is scheduled for August 16-18.   We will need workers and ESPECIALLY some younger members who are willing to release dogs for owners!!!!!

We will need people to man the back and front gates and inspection desk for morning and afternoon all three days.   Lunch will be provided by the club.

Please email   Ronalee at   [email protected] to reserve your special job today!!!!!   Please if you are younger and can help hold dogs, that would be great.   Please let Ronalee know of a preference of day and time!


We have many events coming up that need volunteers. Try to remember, trials/shows/tests are what keeps our club going. Our exhibitors love coming to show at our events!

Did you know that AKC featured our obedience and rally trials in their nationwide email? Pretty cool, right? So many new faces! Record entries! We were only missing workers! Our trial chair, Michelle, took very good care of anyone working. Nobody went home hungry!

Please go to the “volunteers needed “ page of our website. The CCC Conformation and Rally is coming up next month and we will need a lot of volunteers. Hours count towards GCDOC membership hours. I also saw Barnhunt. There’s hours available to help improve the restrooms, building maintenance , and many other things!Get those hours taken care of so you aren’t struggling to find something at the end of the membership year!

Don’t worry about not knowing anything about the sport we need volunteers for. The judges are always wonderful and willing to explain what they need. Our club members who are showing are always happy to take a minute to answer your questions. You may even find yourself falling in love with a new sport!

FitDog this Sunday!

Hey everyone! It’s time for the JUNE FIT DOG WALK! This one will be at 5pm (and so will all the summer walks – cooler!) THIS SUNDAY – 6/9 – and we will meet at Wegerzyn Gardens. Several of us will be at the club for the rally/obedience trial, so we thought we’d go somewhere close. Bring your best buddy and meet us there!


Volunteers Needed – CGC Helpers, Double Hours!

It is that time again for CGC Evalulators and CGC Helpers to sign up to help the Advanced Beginner class with their CGC testing.  Please check the Volunteer Opportunities page to sign up.  You will earn double volunteer hours and this is an easy way to get them. If you have any questions you can contact Rachel Corbett at [email protected].


The dates and times are as follows:

Tuesday, June 25 at 6:45

Thursday. June 27, at 9:15

Monday, at July, 1 at 8pm



Pet Planning info

Hello all,

We would like to invite you to join us in a presentation at the next members meeting. Please feel free to bring a snack or finger foods to share with the group.

Have you considered what will happen to your dogs and other pets when you die? What if you are hospitalized or enter a nursing home or rehab facility? What if you become ill or forgetful and can’t care for your pets? These are serious concerns since our pets depend on us for all of their needs and care.

Pet Planning is the process of planning and preparing in advance to provide for and protect your animals in the event of your future death, illness, or inability to care for them without assistance. Pet Planning usually involves adding pet-specific terms to routine estate planning documents like wills, powers of attorney, and family trusts. It sometimes includes more specialized documents, such as a Pet Power of Attorney or a Pet Trust. Pet Plans can range from very simple to extremely complex. There are Pet Planning options available to fit every family, circumstances, pet, and budget.

To learn more about Pet Planning, please join GCDOC and Laura J. Martin, Esq., on Sunday, June 30, 2024, at 5:30. We will cover the range of planning options available, critical terms to include for the protection of your pet, and more. Questions are welcome and encouraged.

Hope to see you all there.

Volunteers Needed – Rat Rompers Trial June 21-23


Volunteer Coordinator: Angela Payne

Please Click HERE to request a job for the day, or contact Angela directly by clicking on her name above.

We will be having food!

The Gem City Rat Rompers, GCDOC Barn Hunt Club is hosting a trial June 22-23.  We are looking for volunteers. Come have fun volunteering and learning what Barn Hunt is all about. Location is 542 Valleycrest Dr., Dayton, OH 45404. Building IS climate controlled!