Covid-19 Response

Notice to the Members of Gem City Dog Obedience Club

Subject: Covid-19 Environment and Communication Protocol

Gem City Dog Obedience Club (Gem City) Board members are closely monitoring the ongoing
coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Ohio and Montgomery county and taking prudent measures
regarding the safety and well-being of its members, students, contractors and exhibitors. As we
open for classes and events, our response and communication protocol will continue to be
updated in line with government advice and additional precautions where appropriate.
We cannot continue in this new world and maintain an environment that is as safe as can be
from potential Covid-19 infection without the cooperation of all of you.
This communication shares our expectations of our members, students and exhibitors who
volunteer for the Club and who choose to attend classes and events. And it explains the Gem
City Board’s planned communication when a member, exhibitor, volunteer, contractor or other
individual learns of a Covid-19 exposure, diagnosis or has symptoms and is believed to be
carrying the virus.
Our goal is to share actionable information for those who may have been in contact with the
individual while respecting all individuals’ privacy. Members of the board are volunteer
managers, and not Public Health professionals; we are doing our best to help our community
reduce the spread of infection and keep our facilities as safe as possible while respecting
individual privacy, in accordance with our understanding of Ohio law.

Suspected/Verified Covid-19 Infection Situations
1. If you, the GCDOC member, student or contractor –
a. Have been in close contact (see CDC guidance regarding close contact) to a person who has tested positive for the coronavirus
b. Test positive for coronavirus and have attended the club at all in the prior 2 weeks (see examples in the linked document)
1) Do not use Gem City facilities (including volunteering, teaching or practicing privately). Per the CDC (see linked document) you are required to self-quarantine. Timing varies based upon the situation.
2) If you were practicing with someone, or a group, please notify each individual, and let a board member know you have done so.
3) Notify a board member with the following information:
1 Dates/times you were on the Club property and
2 Events or classes attended or taught




Self Reporting can be done via phone call to your favorite board member, or via a button on our website, or by clicking HERE!




Due to the pandemic our volunteer cleaning crew who tirelessly kept our building clean have decided to step aside. So, we need a new plan for keeping the building clean and supplies re-stocked. Do you have a desire to keep our environment clean and ready for classes and events. Do you like to organize? Well, this could be the job for you.

There are a number of cleaning tasks that need to be done over the course of an evening, week or more frequently. Would you be able to help coordinate the jobs that need to be done a weekly, monthly basis including the purchase of supplies like toilet paper and other supplies? This is a fairly flexible undertaking that requires good management skills. This project does not require that you do all or any of the jobs. This position recruits and manages cleaning tasks and supply replenishment. The club will reimburse all supply costs and be open to reasonable equipment requests. Please contact Kathy Roberts if you think this a leadership role you can undertake.

Agility Trial this weekend Cancelled.

With huge regret, the Gem City Agility Club agility trial this weekend (August 8-9, 2020) has been cancelled. In addition to the recent positive cases reported earlier in July, another agility friend from another club has reported a positive test.  This information coupled with the state of the Covid-19 situation in Montgomery County Ohio (Level 3 Red Very High Exposure, Limit activities as much as possible), our committee felt it the responsible thing to do.  As a club and an agility community, we want to do our part to help reduce the current wave of infections transmitting in our community.  We value your well-being more than all the Qs in the world!

We will miss seeing you and your dogs. But, we will see one another again when this is all over.  No dog show in the world is worth your life or the life of one of your loved ones.

Your entries and checks will be shredded. Any worker vouchers will be retained for future trials.
At this time the future trials are still hopefully going to happen, but as you know this is subject to change at any time.  You’ll be notified closer to those trials.

If you have attended any trials and have become ill and/or test positive PLEASE let the trial secretary or chairperson know. Your sniffles may be the next person’s hospitalization.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe!

Kathleen Roberts

Volunteer Hours!

We know a number of you have been asking about the club and how it would be possible to get your hours in when many events are cancelled and your health requires you to stay away from groups. As fellow members, the Gem City Board certainly understands these restrictions, and we are working on a plan for hours. But, in the meantime, our organization still has a building with a parking lot and 10 acres of land to maintain. The cancellations and scaling back of events and classes has taken its toll on the Club’s finances. While we are okay, the facilities need a bit of TLC to keep the organization moving forward.

Below is a list of jobs and other fun and interesting projects where help is needed. Some require brain power and research and others require muscle and sweat. If you are interested in helping, please sign up on the website or follow up with the board member/contact in the Help Wanted ad.

“Trash Brigade” – pick up litter at Northcutt
CGC Testing – Sign up to help do the testing, no experience needed
Work from home – Grammar and writing skills, or video and video editing skills.
Outdoor work at the Land – Sign up to mow, trim, weed, and other fun, satisfying projects
Small projects at Northcutt – painting, more painting, concrete work, and other fun projects!
Building Cleaning Manager – you don’t have to clean, but you have to manage others who do clean!
Cleaning Crew – pays double hours for making our building sparkle!


Please note: Priority will be given to those members who have not yet had an opportunity to earn volunteer hours at our club. If you already have 20, or are already signed up to do something that will earn your hours for 2020, please wait to volunteer!

As a club, we need the input and help from many of our members. Please join us in managing the resources we have and help us plan for the future.

New Premium on the website!

Some of our trial chairs are bravely planning their fall trials. Please continue to watch the website for the latest updates on cancellations and new premiums.

The September AKC Obedience trial premium is now available: HERE!

Building Alarm


We know that Covid-19 is scary, but having a broken alarm will be seriously problematic for all of us. People are already reporting that some of the buttons weren’t working well, causing us to have to take the keypad apart and clean it.

Please, instead, bring hand sanitizer, or water, soap, and a towel, or some other method of cleaning your hands AFTER you leave the building and touch our contact surfaces. Likewise, please remember to wash your hands after entering the building. Sticky residue was found on both the keypad and the door handles recently, and this can actually cause other bacteria to cling to those surfaces. If we all remember to wash our hands often, we will lower everyone’s risk, and reduce the risk of a costly broken alarm system, too!

Use of the building

We are very pleased to report that the new roof is now on the building! The roofing crew has a teeny tiny little thing to fix on Monday afternoon, then they should be totally out of our building!

Some of you have been using the building at your own risk for the past several months.
Please note:

It is never okay to groom your dog, or bring a shedding dog into our building and expect not to clean up after yourself!
This is rude to everyone else in the building, including those who volunteer to clean the building. Our cleaning crew has very rightly been not risking their health to clean the building, and some of you are making it very obvious by not picking up after yourself or your dogs.

Please, try to leave our building as clean or cleaner than when you went into it.

Volunteer Hours!

Do you enjoy the feeling of a clean building? Do you want to help out at the club, but would rather not have to talk to anyone? Maybe you like flexible hours, or a weekly task…

2 people are needed to vacuum the front room once a week.  This task will take 1-1.5 hours, including getting out vacuums and electric cords and then putting them away.  If you need steps, you would get 3-4 thousand steps walking in a climate controlled  environment. 
Contact Pam Murn or text 937-838-6042.