April 2019 Gem City Premium

Agility Trial

We will be holding an AKC Agility Trial on February 22, 23rd, and 24th.  Below is the google worker sheet with approximate times.  If you are available that weekend and need to earn some hours or would just like to come out and watch some amazing dogs run Agility, please feel free to sign up in any empty space.  If you are having trouble, please email me (purple.haze@sbcglobal.net) with the information of when and what job you would like to work and I will be happy to get you signed up.


April 2019 Gem City Premium

Volunteers Needed!

Did you know that you can always find the volunteer opportunities after logging in to the Members area? There’s also a link at the bottom of each email that doesn’t require you to log in. Sign up is easy, and really helps our organizers make plans for making their events run!

Right now we have some easy peasy 1 hour CGC volunteer opportunities. We also have some weekend events listed. Just click to sign up!

Volunteers Needed!

April 2019 Gem City Premium

Upcoming Building Closures

Make up classes will be held on Wednesday Feb 20th and Thursday morning Feb 21st.

Building will be closed immediately following the Thursday morning classes for the agility trial set up, agility equipment will be removed Wednesday evening after classes, so no practice will be available all day Thursday the 21st.



Registered Name: Hillbrook White Knight
Call Name of Pet: Quinn
04/13/2005 – 7/2/2018

Titles earned:
CPE: L1T-PLT, L2T-PLT. CL1-R, CL1H, CL1-S, CL1-F, CL2-H, CL2-S, CL2-F, CL3-F, CTL1-H, CTL1-S, CTL1-F, CTL2-H, CTL2-S, CTL2-F Barn Hunt: RATI

Quinn loved agility, playing in the water, hunting in the backyard or sometimes on the agility course, swinging on the bench swing, and playing in the snow. He always had a kiss and a tail wag for everyone.

Member Name: Ann Straker


1/24/2019 – Abby

Registered Name: Klassic’s Always a Joy at Czaba
Call Name: Abby
11/14/2010 – 1/24/2019

Titles earned:
UKC ALCH (UKC Altered Champion, IACBA ComCH (IACBA Companion Champion, AKC, S.T.A.R. Puppy, CA (AKC Coursing Ability.

Abby lived up to her name, she was ALWAYS a joy. She loved the conformation ring earning several UKC Altered Best in Shows and Alter Reserve Best in Shows, lure coursing, running for the sheer love of running, swinging, and laying in the sun. She was my shadow.

Member Name: Ann Straker


12/31/2018- Cisco

Registered Name: Ross Roi Legends Abound

Call Name of Pet: Cisco

09/10/2010 – 12/31/2018

Cisco did not earn any titles. He earned one leg in agility. He loved running in the yard chasing squirrels and chasing water from the sprinklers. He loved chasing his Frisbee. He loved running with Magic. He loved to snuggle.

Member Name: Deb Werts

April 2019 Gem City Premium

A message from the President

Did you miss out on the banquet last night? What a great time we had!

The food was once again yummy, the slide shows with photos of our wonderful dogs doing what they do best, being dogs, was funny and amazing.

We had an especially long Rainbow bridge this year, which was heartbreaking and full of love for both our furry friends and our lovingly missed members that have passed.

Our volunteers on the Banquet and Awards committee really worked hard. There were homemade decorations, twinkling lights, and cupcakes with miniature plastic dogs on top (that I hope no one ate!).

Unfortunately, mistakes do happen, and I’m heartbroken to report that we had a couple mistakes last night. Can you all help me correct these errors? Somehow, 2 members and their dogs missed out on the awards recognition last night. If you know either of these members, please reach out to them and congratulate them for us!

Mary Holland and her dog Cady earned: AKC PACH
AKC MXP5 Master Agility Preferred 5, MXPS Master Agility Preferred Silver, AKC MJP6 Master Jumpers Preferred-6, AKC MJPS – Master Jumpers Preferred Silver

Debra Arnold and her dog Taylor earned: CPE CL1-R, CPE CL1-H, CPE CL1-S ,CPE CL1-F, CPE CL2-F

Debra Arnold and her dog Pita earned: CPE CL4-R, CPE CL4-H, CPE CL4-S, CPE CL4-F