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All class enrollment close 1 week prior to the start of classes.

Any class enrollments submitted after the cut off date will be held until the following class session.


Gem City Dog Obedience Club 2019 Class Schedule
Session 1 Jan 2 – Feb 19
Session 2 March 4 – April 18
Session 3 April 22 - June 10
Session 4 August 5 – Sept 23
Session 5 October 7 – November 21

ALL classes meet once per week for 1 hour. Please chose the day/time that works best for you!

7 WEEK OBEDIENCE CLASS - Member/Applicant $35; Non-Member $70

7 WEEK AGILITY CLASS - Member/Applicant $45; Non-Member $90

Conformation Run Through practice Wednesdays during class scheduled weeks 7:30pm - 8:30pm. Member/Applicant FREE; Non-Member $5

Puppy Class Online Registration

Puppy - 3-6 months of age:

This class offers important dog-dog and dog-human socialization and beginning training for young puppies. The emphasis is on the importance of consistent and humane treatment during the most impressionable period of a dog's life. Introduction to training, loose leash walking, sit, down, stay, and come commands. Advice on puppy rearing, such as housebreaking, grooming, and socialization is offered.

Puppy Grad:

Young dogs learn to walk politely beside owners while on leash. Dogs learn to sit, down, stay. Dogs are introduced to stand/stay while being petted by a stranger. The owner learns how to communicate with the adolescent puppy. This is an AKC STAR puppy class.
Prerequisite: Puppy class

Beginner Obedience Class Registration

Beginner Obedience - Adult dogs and for those who have completed puppy classes

Owners are helped to develop basic on-lead control of their dogs. Dogs will learn to walk calmly on lead; sit/stay; lie down/stay; stand/stay; and come on command. Incentives such as toys and treats are used to reinforce correct behavior. Detailed sheets for at home practice provide students with understanding of how a dog is trained.

Advanced Beginner Class Online Registration

This class builds on basics taught in Beginner and Puppy Grad. The handler-dog communications are reinforced. This class also prepares students test for the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen. This test is given free of charge to students during the last week of classes.

Prerequisite: Beginner class or approval of the Obedience Director

Advanced Classes

Rally Class Online Registration

These classes prepare students for the Rally Obedience through learning of Rally signs, discussion of  rules and regulations, and run-throughs of Rally courses.

Prerequisite: Advanced Beginner class or approval of the class instructor.

Freestyle/Tricks/Novice Class Online Registration

These classes prepare students for the Novice Obedience, WCFO Freestlye, or Tricks.

Prerequisite: Advanced Beginner class or approval of the class instructor.