New Light Fixtures!

All members

Deb and Rachael have completed the installation of  the new lighting fixtures in the turf room (THANKS !!)  Which means that we have a lot (about 60 at this time) of the old light fixtures to offer to the club members for their own projects!  These fixtures are dusty, do NOT have bulbs, and are designed for the T8 fluorescent light bulbs.  However, you can install the new LED “plug & play” in these also.  These would be great in a garage, basement or in a pole barn.   We are asking for $10 for each fixture (new ones are 4-5 times that).  We do not deliver.  The old light fixtures are at Sherri Heizer’s who lives about 10 minutes from the club.  Contact her directly to set up obtaining some and she can take the money and get it to the club treasurer.

Any questions, Contact John Clifford or Sherri Heizer.