2nd call for Volunteers – Nov 4-6th

NEW MEMBERSHIP year hours available.

We need to finalize our workers for the GCDOC Fast Cat next Fri-Sat-Sun(Nov-4 -6)

This is one of the money makers for the club and we are required to have on site a certain number of members and they are used to help run the event.

This is what we are still in need of, please be aware that this event happens no matter cold, rain or heat!!!!!!!

Friday:  ribbon person to help record times/mph all day needed (if K9 has their own person, we will use this person to help open/close the release gate for Huntmaster)

Saturday:  Need 2 releasers all day –these people will be releasing dogs for handlers

Sunday:   Need 2 people to work the check in desk morning ONLY

                 Need 2 people to release all day

Thanks!   Ronalee

[email protected]