Honeysuckle Removal (Volunteer Hours)

There is still some work to be accomplished, removing trash trees and
honeysuckle around Northcutt.  Need exercise?  Need hours?   The job entails
use of your own cutting equipment.  You will need large loppers, or a
pruning saw,  a small chain saw would be wonderful.  Starting at the rear of
the building brush needs to be cleared from the hillside around the
building.  Herbicide to treat the stumps will be provide by Gem City.  The
process is to cut the brush flush with the ground and immediately treat the
stump, thus clearing the hillside for future mowing.  Brush can be stacked
on the pavement such as not to interfere with the dumpster or future eating
of the dumpster.  A plan to remove the brush piles will be needed.  This job
entitles the workers to double hours.  Bring a buddy and practice social
distancing for safety. Contact Pam Murn myeltneb@aol.com or text

Pamela Murn
Director of Obedience
Gem City Dog Obedience Club