Trash Clean-up (Volunteer Hours)

Opportunity for Volunteer Hours:

Join the “Trash Brigade Gems!”

Tidy our club property on the outside:

– You select your time to tidy (even though the Club is in “Break mode,” the accumulating trash did not receive the memo).

-Choose your preferred section (see the map) and sign up online, in the Volunteer Opportunities section.

-Sections should tidy quickly but you will receive 1 hour credit for the effort!

-We ask for a 1 month commitment (work around your schedule) and tidy approximately every 2 weeks.

– Any dog messes go in our “potty cans” and trash sacks can come into the club if it is open. The dumpster is kept locked so, if no one has the building open, please take the trash home with you.

-Text your “tidying” date, name and section to Cathy Wright at 937-409-0881; She will report your hours.

* Please tidy with a friend (a family member will also earn credit for you!). Please practice Social Distancing at all times. Wear gloves to protect hands from trash and boots when damp. You do not need to go under any overhanging brush!

This program runs from May 1, 2020 to November 1, 2020 (or until revised by the Board of GCDOC).

Section A: South side of building and around to back stairs (often needs boots)

Section B: Front of building (beds and steps) and parking lot to street

Section C: North side of building (flagpole to back) and parking lot on that side

Section D: Back of building on top level (around dumpster and to cemetery) and parking lot on that side.