Volunteer Hours Notice

Notice to the Members of Gem City Dog Obedience Club:
This is a reminder to all Regular Members and the volunteer hour requirement does not apply to Applicants, Associate Members or Lifetime Members.
As of the 2019 Membership year you are required to work at least 20 volunteer hours in order to renew your GCDOC Membership in October. As of today 114 out of 160 Regular members have met that requirement. Please check the calendar on the GCDOC.com website to see what the upcoming
volunteer opportunities are.
No new hours will be applied to the 2019 work year after 9/30/19. There will be NO exceptions. If you have forgotten to send me any 2019 hours and do so after 9/30/19 they will be applied to the 2020 year.
To get or keep a key to the training building a member must work 50 or more hours in a calendar year.
For Regular Members, you will be getting a dues invoice after the beginning of October. Dues are due and payable by 10/31/19 and will be considered lapsed after that. If your dues are lapsed you will not be able to get reduced price classes. If dues are not paid by 12/31/19 you will be dropped from the
For the Associate Members: If you want to renew your associate membership which keeps you in touch with what the club is doing please send $15 to me at 4921 Pacemont Ave, Dayton, Oh 45415. If it is a check or money order please make that payable to GCDOC.
Please email me at tbrown2126@aol.com to check on the status of your hours or if you have any questions on membership.
Tami Woodrow
Membership Chair