Volunteer Hours!

We know a number of you have been asking about the club and how it would be possible to get your hours in when many events are cancelled and your health requires you to stay away from groups. As fellow members, the Gem City Board certainly understands these restrictions, and we are working on a plan for hours. But, in the meantime, our organization still has a building with a parking lot and 10 acres of land to maintain. The cancellations and scaling back of events and classes has taken its toll on the Club’s finances. While we are okay, the facilities need a bit of TLC to keep the organization moving forward.

Below is a list of jobs and other fun and interesting projects where help is needed. Some require brain power and research and others require muscle and sweat. If you are interested in helping, please sign up on the website or follow up with the board member/contact in the Help Wanted ad.

“Trash Brigade” – pick up litter at Northcutt
CGC Testing – Sign up to help do the testing, no experience needed
Work from home – Grammar and writing skills, or video and video editing skills.
Outdoor work at the Land – Sign up to mow, trim, weed, and other fun, satisfying projects
Small projects at Northcutt – painting, more painting, concrete work, and other fun projects!
Building Cleaning Manager – you don’t have to clean, but you have to manage others who do clean!
Cleaning Crew – pays double hours for making our building sparkle!


Please note: Priority will be given to those members who have not yet had an opportunity to earn volunteer hours at our club. If you already have 20, or are already signed up to do something that will earn your hours for 2020, please wait to volunteer!

As a club, we need the input and help from many of our members. Please join us in managing the resources we have and help us plan for the future.