Gem City Clothing!!

Hello, everyone! Just a reminder that our Gem City “spirit wear” sale is going on now, but will end on January 17. There are jackets, coats, sweatshirts, long and short sleeved tshirts, treat aprons for training, and even masks! The link is included in this email, and payment will be done online and through the link. There are several options for delivery, including me picking it up for you and bringing it to the club, so be sure to check how you want to handle delivery.

There are samples on the counter in the front room by the sink so everyone can see what they are ordering in different sizes, if you’d like to look, but those will be removed tonight (Wednesday) for the trial this weekend. They will be put back out, however, early next week for one last look.

Please visit this link!

For any questions, Barb Siler is the point of contact.  [email protected]