Eastway boys

We are once again raising money to buy Christmas gifts for the Eastway Boys! If you are new to the club – the Eastway facility is our neighbor. They currently have 22 boys that are living there full time. Gem City members have generously donated money to provide Christmas presents every year since we bought the Northcutt building. I usually post on the Yahoo group but am told that is no longer functioning. If you would like to donate – any amount!! – you can send to me at my office – 2810 Wayne Ave. Dayton OH 45420 – make checks out to GCDOC – or you can give cash to Mary Beam, Terri Hendrix, Cheryl Wolf Stanley or myself (I am not at the club very much but will come if you have money to donate! Eastway will get a wish list from each boy and we try hard to buy as much on those lists as we can afford – and try to spend approx the same amount for each boy. We then will hold a wrapping night – wrap them up and haul them next door to Eastway. This is a wonderful community project for our Club and it means so much to these boys – some who have never received a Christmas gift.

Thank you so much !

Jennifer Looper , Chase, Kip and Hope!