A message from the President

Did you miss out on the banquet last night? What a great time we had!

The food was once again yummy, the slide shows with photos of our wonderful dogs doing what they do best, being dogs, was funny and amazing.

We had an especially long Rainbow bridge this year, which was heartbreaking and full of love for both our furry friends and our lovingly missed members that have passed.

Our volunteers on the Banquet and Awards committee really worked hard. There were homemade decorations, twinkling lights, and cupcakes with miniature plastic dogs on top (that I hope no one ate!).

Unfortunately, mistakes do happen, and I’m heartbroken to report that we had a couple mistakes last night. Can you all help me correct these errors? Somehow, 2 members and their dogs missed out on the awards recognition last night. If you know either of these members, please reach out to them and congratulate them for us!

Mary Holland and her dog Cady earned: AKC PACH
AKC MXP5 Master Agility Preferred 5, MXPS Master Agility Preferred Silver, AKC MJP6 Master Jumpers Preferred-6, AKC MJPS – Master Jumpers Preferred Silver

Debra Arnold and her dog Taylor earned: CPE CL1-R, CPE CL1-H, CPE CL1-S ,CPE CL1-F, CPE CL2-F

Debra Arnold and her dog Pita earned: CPE CL4-R, CPE CL4-H, CPE CL4-S, CPE CL4-F