2020 Title Submissions

We are excited that some of you are back earning titles on your dogs (safely, we hope!).

The form to submit titles for your dogs is now available on the website. Please note, we have radically changed the submission form this year. No more check boxes! Just type the venue and title you earned into the box along with your personal information and the dog’s info! In the long term, this should make sorting and searching to see if you submitted the title and forgot that you did easier!

Both the submission form and the list of what has been submitted are currently available from the membership login area, just look for the Submit 2020 titles box after you’ve logged in, it’s under the list of board members. The form to submit does NOT require a log in, however, the link to view the submission (with email addresses and names) is a restricted page and you must log in to view it.

Click here to submit a title now!