Needed~ Team leader/Team

For years when Gem City was at Springfield Street we had a store where members and students could purchase training
equipment and dog treats.  There is very little space at Northcutt and the store has dwindled a few disorganized items.  A volunteer, or team of volunteers is needed to devise a plan to sell/raffle or otherwise dispose of items no longer to be kept in stock.  The team would also be responsible for keeping inventory, stocking, and pricing a minimal amount of martingale
collars, pinch collars, leashes, treat pouches, and treats for beginner students who come unprepared the first night.  The team would communicate the process for purchasing the items to the instructors, assist students with purchases the first week of classes, and work with Angela Profitt and Kathy Roberts to arrange student Pay Pal payment (many/most students come to
class without cash). The team would also coordinate a purchasing process, with Kathy Roberts.  If you are motivated, organized and need hours, contact Pam Murn to volunteer at [email protected]