12/26/2020 – Hailey

Hailey – Outrun’s Fire In The Sky

AKC or UKC (etc) Registered Name: Outrun’s Fire In The Sky
Call Name of Pet: Hailey

04/13/2008 – 12/26/2020

AKC Canine Good Citizen – CGC
Open Agility Preferred
Excellent Agility Preferred Jumpers
Regular Standard Agility – RV-O
Jumpers Excellent Outstanding Performance – JV-E-OP
Gamblers Veterans – Open Outstanding Performance – GV-O-OP
Herding Instinct Test

Our little Hailey was always a little shy in public, but she loved to work.
She would play frisbee, chase her ball, and play agility at home endlessly.

She loved to be with her people , and enjoying life at home.

Member: Donna Mundy