We had the MVSSC(Sheltie Club) trial this past weekend. I want to thank all of our Club members who helped to keep the trial moving. There are a lot of hard jobs that people don’t think of such as Ron Seiter coming to clean the turf before the trial. Usually the only time slot that can work is Thursday nights after the classes are done. Moving the ring gates in the front room to make crating space, setting up the ring; chairs for spectators, tables for our food for the workers, and marking crating space. Doing poop patrol, taking out the trash, and many other little jobs.
Our courses builders Ron Siwecki, Ron Seiter, Rob Robinson, Ruth Miller, and Rich Studer worked very hard to make the course changes between classes.
Kandy and Rob Robinson stayed late Saturday to set the course for early Sunday first run, and Ron Siwecki stayed after the trial on Sunday to set the course for our classes this week.
Vicki Head worked long hours keeping the score sheets scored and getting the final results out to our exhibitors quickly.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Sherri Heizer
Trial chair, MVSSC Agility