On Lead Competition Obedience

Instructor lead class that will prepare the handler and dog team with the skills needed to compete for the AKC Beginner Novice title, UKC Pre-Novice, and UKC Beginner Novice. This class will talk about the differences between AKC and UKC rules and exercises as well as focus on specific venues that the dog and handle want.

Skills include AKC’s Beginner Novice Heel on Leash, the Figure Eight, Sit for Exam, the Sit Stay Exercise, and the Recall.

Also UKC’s skills: Pre- Novice Heel on Lead, Serpentine Loop 3 cones, Sit for Exam, Down Stay, and Straight Recall.

As well as UKC’s Beginner Novice Skills Heel on Lead, Figure 8, Stand/Sit for Exam, Down Stay walk away, recall over high jump and sit stay.

After this class handler will set sights on finishing the above listed titles and then moving to off lead and advanced obedience.


Prerequisite: Advanced Beginner or approval by Obedience Director

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